Public enemy #1 Squirrels are neck and neck with raccoons as the #1 most nuisance animal to home owners, apartments or businesses.  Squirrels can get up to onto or into just about any structure via hanging trees, power lines, decks with trellis over hangs close to the roof, and chimneys.  In Old Louisville and Highland neighborhoods the homes are so close together the squirrel may get on the roof four doors down and jump from house to house until he gets to your house.  Exclusion is key to keeping squirrels out of structures.  Cutting back trees from the home is also key.  Trapping is also necessary to get squirrels out of the building.  ACT Wildlife Services has tactics to remove what is in the structure without catching every squirrel in the neighborhood.  In extreme circumstances kill traps are used.  Call ACT Wildlife Services for squirrel removal.