Attic Cleanup and Feces Removal

Raccoons or other animals making a mess of your attic? Trust ACT Wildlife Tactics to make a clean sweep of things.

The attic of your home is a common entry point for nuisance animals, especially raccoons. Even when a professional animal control company such as ACT Wildlife Tactics successfully removes the raccoons or other animals from your attic, there is sometimes a big mess left behind.

As a full service animal control business, we prefer to follow through on our work. Once the animals are removed from the attic, we can do a thorough clean up. We’ll secure it against future infestations, and remove any feces that are left behind to contaminate your home or business.Chimney Cap Installation

An open chimney can seem like an invitation to any wildlife. Let ACT Wildlife Services cap it or screen it.

Animals tend to go to the chimneys that people never use. Some people tell me they have lived in their homes for 30 – 40 years and have never had an issue with the uncapped chimney. Now they have a raccoon with babies in their chimney. I recommend chimney caps to everyone that does not have them. I have gotten raccoons out of attics and recommend they install chimney caps as a preventative and they refuse. One to two years later they are calling me with noise in the chimney and it is something dead or something with babies. Most problem chimney animals are raccoons, squirrels and birds.

A professionally-installed chimney cap can help prevent all these problems. We can custom fit the cap to your chimney, to prevent animal intrusion into your home.