Live Animal Removal

Do you have an an animal control problem? Trust our years of experience with successful live removal of wild animals.

Animals follow their natural instincts. They naturally go where food, habitat and shelter are readily available, and predators are few. In urban areas, wild animals tolerate humans because we are not predators. That’s why predators like fox, coyotes, and hawks are more often seen in the suburbs, subdivisions, and cities. Because that is where their food supply is.

Once they have moved into a residential area, wild animals will consider it their territory and can be aggressive and dangerous in defending it. Safe live removal of wildlife requires training and experience. Don’t try to do it yourself, call the professionals at ACT Wildlife Services for help.

At ACT Wildlife Services, we are prepared to to catch wildlife and relocate them away from the area. After removal, we make any necessary repairs to prevent the animals from returning. Every situation is different. We assess every case to determine what solution will work best to keep your home or business free of unwanted wildlife intrusion.

If you have seen or heard wild animals, or signs of their presence, on your property contact us. We’ll be happy to take care of it for you.